Using what I have learnt

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would share a little update. There has been a lot going on to keep me busy and fill my head with all sorts!

It’s really lovely to feel like I am better and coping with life (don’t get me wrong there are definitely still moments) and a lot of this is down to engaging my logic and using the coping methods I have learnt over the last few years to keep me on track.

When I was first diagnosed I spent a while working through CBT which at the time helped me to come to terms with my issues and then helped me to learn how to cope with them. Something that I never realised was how illogical my mind was. Learning how to engage this side of my brain and trust it was a big thing for me. Since opening up to thing I am now about to recognise these moments and find my way out of them. Not always quickly but I know I can talk myself out of them if I need to.

Something else that I have found really helpful has been to be more accepting of myself and how things are. I know that travelling is a really difficult thing for me so I have made changes to make this easier. Having my car and driving to places rather than relying on the train makes it easier for me and everyone wants an easy life right!

So by refocusing, realising what is important and focusing my attention on this rather than stressing about everything and getting upset with things I can’t control has really helped me.

People aren’t perfect and everyone has their own battles but being true to yourself and accepting who you are is a really good start.

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