Changing the frame of mind

When working through recovery it is hard to focus on anything other than that. Day to day things are difficult and just coping is the best you can do. This is OK and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Once you start to feel better you realise that some of the things you worried about aren’t the end of the world and you can put things into perspective. This is what I have been doing recently. I have looked at everything in my life and am trying to change my frame of mind. This makes dealing with day to day tasks, whether at work or at home and the stresses that come with them so much easier. I try as much as possible not to take work stress home with me and keep home stress to essentials! You have to pay your bills and do the dishes after all!

Keeping things separate and establishing a balance really helps to keep things in order.

Knowing yourself and what you need to do to keep yourself healthy and on an even keel is the most important thing in your life. Getting to know your triggers and ensuring that you respond to them is what keeps everything on track.

It is so easy to let things get on top of you and burn yourself out but also simple to take a few moments to asses and review any situation and make adjustments to make them easier, a day working from home or a stroll in the sun at lunchtime can make all the difference.

When you are sure you are better its simple to slip back into your old ways and this is something that you shouldn’t do. It’s harder to stop and think about what you need, hard to say no to drinks because you know you just need to sleep or to leave work on time when there are still things to do. By forcing yourself to do these things you start to notice that coping is second nature and taking care of you allows you to do more in a better frame of mind. Not forgetting that building a blanket fort is OK at anytime!

Get to know yourself and do what is right for you. This is the key to keeping on track and not slipping back off the merry go round and ending up in the dark.

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