PE and Mental Health

At School I hated PE, I think I have mentioned this before. I would try to get out of if as often as possible. What I didn’t realise at the time was not only is is good for your body but it is also good for your mind.

Fitness is something that really helps to keep me focused and attempt to keep the body dysmorphia away. It really is true that exercise helps you to feel better.

I used to run, cycle and swim to try and be thin but now I do them to keep myself sane and healthy. Clearing my head after a long week, getting the stress out and taking a little bit of time for myself.

There are so many levels when it comes to fitness for mental health. You don’t have to go full iron man or sign up to 100 marathons, you can keep things simple and take some time out for yourself and help yourself to feel better.

Now, I am not saying that running 100 marathons isn’t something you should aspire to, I would be so proud of myself to complete one! What I am saying is that its good to have a goal and feel like you have achieved. I have been swimming a lot recently and over the weeks I have noticed an improvement, this has made me feel proud of myself and therefore made me happier.

I have had many a conversations before I enter into any kind of exercise, usually along the theme of I really don’t want to do this and then in roll the excuses. One thing I will say is that (as silly as it sounds cue inspirational quote about sports) it does always make you feel better.

It is hard to get into when you are feeling down or if you have taken some time off but it is 100% worth it and I am sure you will feel better!

I am starting on a new fitness for mental health programme and will keep you posted with my progress!

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