Who am I anyway?

Ive been reading a lot of other peoples blogs recently (mainly to try and get some tips to work out how I can reach more people!) and I have noticed that everyone has something going on that links to taking care of themselves and their mental health.

Everything from make-up vlogs to lifestyle and style mums everyone I have read has touched on the feels of anxiety, sadness or depression. I think the one I notice the most though is when people start to question who they are. Everyone put some elements of their lives out there for people to read but they never show their whole self. I think it is very brave to show every side of you and share that with the world!

After reading all of these things I started to wonder about my blog and the direction I was taking it in. I always wanted to be able to help people with my writing but I also found that writing things down helped me to feel better and to rationalise my life.

I am feeling a lot better now that I was a year ago (when I started this blog). Not everyday, I still have moments but I think everyone does. It has become really clear to me that no matter how confident you are (or seem to others) there is often something that has been a struggle. Because of this it is really important to try not to judge people and to just accept that the person they are showing the world is only a version of who they are. It takes a lot to really get to know a person and even more to get to know yourself and then be OK with that!

So, after a year of posting about my general musings in life I have decided to share a little bit more with you all. More about who I actually am…This is a big move for me but will hopefully help to shine a light on other areas of my life and help me to work that out too!!

Onwards to the next step to see where this takes us!

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