Its OK to be proud of yourself!

Its Sunday and as I think about what to write about this week, I realised that although this week has been hectic and the most busy I have been for ages I have managed to keep calm and have dealt with it well.

For this, I am very proud of how far I have come. For the last few years a week like the one I have just had would have made me manic, I would 100% have cried A LOT and sleeping would have been kept at bay and replaced with worry!

Something that I also realised was that I didn’t specifically ‘manage’ my week it just was. I have found a place that is more normal and easier to deal with.

So, rather than write about my thoughts on all things this week, I just wanted to note down that it is OK to be proud and the slip into normality every now and again!

The feeling of happiness I felt on Friday evening was long overdue and I intend to enjoy it for as long as possible!



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  1. Landkeylass says:

    Fantastic! Love reading that you are feeling happy and proud of yourself. Hope next week is another good week. xxx


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