When a weekend isn’t long enough…

Tougher times have been around lately. I have been having a hard time getting through each day without the actual feeling of pressure on my chest. For years I would refer to being under pressure but not actually physically feeling that pressure. The easier days are getting few and far between at the moment and the only thing for it is a break away to make sure I don’t actually break!

As of this time next week I am heading away on holiday and I cant wait! A quiet break away to clear my head and have a rest from the day to day stresses. One thing that comes with excitement of heading away on holiday is the additional pressure the week before handing everything over! I am only away for a week but I have so much to sort out before I head off.

Planning and organising my life so I can leave it behind for a week is filling up my to do list! I am just hoping that once I have sorted everything out I will start to feel more relaxed and enjoy my time away.

I have had a lovely weekend catching up and enjoying the company of some of my closest people and this always makes me feel better. It doesn’t however make shopping or cleaning the house any easier! Why are these always the first things to go?! I end up freaking out in the supermarket or just waiting to stay in bed. Ploughing on through this and being aware of what is happening is a good thing but it also makes it a little bit harder as it means that I really have to push through to get things done.

Depression and anxiety really do suck at times and you can end up feeling like you are in a dark place. I am struggling to get out of this at the moment, struggling to find the fix to clear my head. I am keeping everything crossed that the countryside and a hot tub on holiday will help me to do this!

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