The grip of the week ahead

How do people deal with the grip of anxiety that appears ahead of the week? It always claws up at the end of the weekend or a holiday and takes hold in my chest.

It’s a wave of panic that doesn’t seem to go away. It will subside for a while when I’m distracted but it always seems to come back. It’s been peeking up a lot recently and it’s very annoying!

I haven’t written for a while as things have been pretty even and I have been coping well with things. I’m trying to take more time to myself and readdress the balance of work and life. Keeping the stress as low as possible but when it gets busy it ramps up and it’s hard to rebalance.

Things at my workplace can get on top of you at times. Make things very stressful and start to take over. Taking time off seems pointless because you can’t relax and everything needs a lot of focus and attention. Keeping the balance is what really should get the focus and attention because otherwise you burn out and start to feel resentment as you never get any time for yourself.

When things get busy I need to plan and organise so that I don’t spiral out of control. So I can keep calm and also maintain the balance in my head. It’s not easy but it is definitely essential!

I’ve spent a lot of this weekend out and about, walking and getting fresh air. This is always a nice way to chill out and refocus. As usual the weekends are never long enough and soon enough we are back to the grindstone!

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