Sometimes a reminder is all you need

This week has definitely had its ups and downs. It’s not been the best start to the year and a combination of factors made for a sleepless few nights and a very sad and anxious start to the weekend.

Lack of sleep is the worst thing for me, I cannot function unless I have rested my crazy head. I spiral out of control and everything is a nightmare. I also tend to stay within my own head when I am feeling bleak and this just makes things worse.

Something I have done today is send a little message to one of my oldest (not in age) and dearest friends. Just a little note to let her know I was thinking of her and when she replied she knew I wasn’t in the best shape. Sometimes all it takes is to reach out to someone and things feel a whole lot better. Just knowing that she is always there, no matter what makes everything that little bit easier.

Talking to people and telling them what is wrong has been the best medicine for me. Keeping out of my own head and sharing things. It’s really helped me. I am hoping I can actually sleep tonight rather than the past few nights of utter torture listening to the dog snoring and looking comfortable whilst I am stuck with my eyes wide open and my head spinning!

Wish me luck!

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