First day back!

Now that it is January 2018 there are lots of first days again! First day back at work, first day at the gym and the dreaded first weigh day of the year.

I did this yesterday and instantly regretted it! So much so I decided to forget it ever happened! I have started to realise that it really doesn’t matter. Now that I am back into the routine I know that it will level out again and after the excess of Christmas I will get back to what I was.

Its a massive step for me to have this realisation. For so long I have ruled my life by the amount I weigh, I would stand on the step of doom every day and then feel horrible, no matter what it said. Now I know that peoples weight changes…hourly! It varies depending on the time of the month, what you have eaten in the day or how much water you have taken in. Once this has been realised recovery is much easier.

The holy grail of feeling happy in yourself is a tough one, I am not sure that I know anyone that is fully body confident. There is always something that people want to change. What I have noticed as I have worked through my recovery, and gotten older, is that as cliché as it sounds but it really is what is on the inside that matters.

When you are around people you trust you forgot to feel self conscious and start to enjoy yourself. So don’t beat yourself up about what your first weigh in says or how hard your first day back at the gym is. Even going back to work after a few weeks off, this can make you tired and want to crawl home and get into bed. All of these things are OK and once you get back into your routine things will start to feel normal again.

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