Snow days!

So…it is snowing! This is very exciting and a bit of a treat for December. I cant remember the last time there was a hope of any kind of white Christmas.

This is just one of the things that has made this year so different to last. Yes, I am still uncomfortable with all the food and excess of this season, I was still very anxious ahead of the work Christmas party but the difference in these feeling is huge compared to last year!

I really struggled last year, was still very sad and couldn’t quite get into the spirt of the season. It was hard to be around too many people and I wasn’t myself at all!

This year, I have been trying to stick within my rules from Keeping it up over Christmas and this is helping, along with my friends who keep me level by reminding me that things aren’t as scary as I make them! Talking to people about how you are feeling really is the best way of getting through, they really help to put things into perspective and support you when you need it.

For the next two weeks I have a number of other occasions that I am attending and to be sure that I don’t get stuck in my own head through fear, I have reviewed the locations and menus ahead of time and chosen what I will have to eat and how to get there. As silly as this may seem it helps to keep me focused and I can enjoy myself again!

Keeping level and sensible at this time of year is essential for me to stay on track. A large amount of organisation takes away the worry and clears my head helping to stay relaxed and happy!



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