It doesn’t matter if you have had a nice time

People (including myself) spend a lot of time worrying about things before they have happened. This can cause you not to focus on the day or moment itself as you are internalising and fretting about things.

Something that I have been trying to do and have written about in a number of my posts is try and live outside of my own head and engage and enjoy the moments. By doing this I have been really enjoying my days and occasions, even if its only for an hour or so. I have recognised that I am having fun and made sure to voice how much I am enjoying things. There is nothing wrong with having a lovely day!

Thinking this though there are all sorts of things that can dampen this. Worrying that you are going to get muddy on a walk or that you wont get back before dark. Fretting about what you are going to wear on a night out or what you are going to eat at the Christmas party. What I have realised is that none of these things matter if you are having a nice time. If you can look back and make a memory then all is well in the world.

I know as well as the next person that this isn’t always easy, as much as I enjoy the moments I am still planning in my head the next few days to balance out the cake I have eaten or look forward to getting home and spending some time in a blanket fort!

Making the most of things is all we can do. Sometimes the journey to getting there is really tough, its hard to go out of your comfort zone and force yourself into these things but I promise that once you do it will be worth it!

Try not to worry about all the occasions over the next few weeks, find an outfit you are happy in and wear that to all of the drinks and dinners if that makes you feel comfortable. Keep healthy the days you aren’t going anywhere so you can enjoy yourself at a dinner party or work Christmas do. Keep everything in balance and you will find a happy medium that gets you through and helps you to start making memories again!

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