Keeping it up over Christmas

Over the last few weeks I have been booking in Christmas lunches and nights outs throughout December. Whilst this is super fun and I cannot wait for the big day itself it does fill me with angst and I worry about the food a lot.

I really struggle with my eating and over the past few weeks this has been getting worse again. I want to find it easy and enjoy the season along with everyone else but the feeling of being too fat and not like myself takes over and I find it difficult. This is why I have decided to write about each of the events so that I can share how I am feeling and hopefully get through the season and have some fun!

I have set some rules for myself to help me through:

  • Don’t obsess!
  • Stay out of your own head, be in the moment
  • Forget about what to wear or how to look
  • Stop thinking you are fat!
  • It’s ok to wear Christmas jumpers
  • Enjoy it!

Hopefully if I can follow my festive rules and enjoy the season!

Wish me luck and watch this space!!

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