As I sit here working, wearing the largest jumper I own (it is the season after all) I started to think “I haven’t written a blog for a while, I guess life has gotten in the way”. This then got me thinking about the priority of things and how we get so bogged down with work, or trying to fit everything in that we forget to do the things we enjoy.

Writing this blog is something I enjoy and it really helps me to put things into perspective. It reminds me that I have come a long way in the last 18 months and I need to remind myself of this so that I don’t slip back into old habits and find myself back where I was.

The way I avoid this is by reviewing what is important. When I was younger, building up my career was THE most important thing to me. Working hard to get where I wanted to be was my number one priority.  I am very proud of the work I have put into this and I don’t want to belittle that or make out that it wasn’t the right thing to do because during that time it was. It was important for me to find my feet and establish my own direction when it came to work. I came into my own and I found something that I was good at. The hardest thing is to break that habit and refocus your attention onto something else.

I have found that I have recently been getting upset at work and struggling with the growth of the agency which has made me wonder where I fitted. This made me realise that I shouldn’t be worried or concerned about this but I should feel proud that I had helped to build it. New people coming in won’t have seen the work that was put into getting there so I can’t expect them to react and respond to things in the way I do. It has been a big year of change where I work and I have found it really hard but having taken some time to think this through I have found a place that is easier for me to deal with. The place I have built and the focus of my team and my role. I cant be involved in everything anymore but I can be really bloody good at the bit that I can!

Having made this realisation I noticed that I have been upset because I have felt that I am not good enough and I was putting myself down all the time. Taking things other people said to heart and convincing myself that I wasn’t as good as them. This is something that you should NEVER do. Letting myself think that I am crap at something I know I am good at really knocked my confidence and put me into a difficult place. Everyone has their thing and it is OK to be proud of yourself.

Letting thing get on top of me has also made me work on my work life balance. To prioritise my work when I need to but also to fit in my family and friends, to fit in a life outside of the office. Having this balance makes everything so much easier to deal with.

Everything has its place in life and it is very easy to let one thing consume everything and overwhelm you. Keeping things separate and giving your head and your heart a break from each of them is really good for you. Sometimes taking a small moment to yourself for a bath and a face mask can revive you and put you into a better frame of mind.

The balance of life, it would be so much easier if we all nailed that but as with everything its not as easy as it sounds. By taking small moments to remember what your good at, how you got there and doing things you enjoy no matter how small are just the ticket to getting there.

Enjoy you life, don’t give it away to people that can sometimes make you question yourself. Be proud of you!!

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