Find your happiness

Too much pressure is put on us by the world and people around us when it comes to happiness. There is a perception of what happiness is and how you should live your life to achieve it. You must have all these things to be happy! Not the case.

For me, it is the small things that make up happiness. The small gestures, the memories and the feelings of being safe and cared for that are important. Something that I started to do a few years ago was look back over the small things, the occasions and memories of the year, talk about them and remember the good things. Even during the year that I had my breakdown there were still some lovely memories that built up a happier picture.

We are so quick to mute the happy memories and fill our minds with the things that didn’t go quite right. If you think back to an occasion it is usually the one bad thing that springs to mind first. The “yes it was lovely but…” that we remember. This is 100% the wrong way round. We need to focus on the good things over the bad. Be appreciative of these things and forget about the one bad thing that happened.

Everyone is different in this world and no one person has the formula for happiness and contentment. This is why it is so important to find this for yourself. Acceptance of what you enjoy and forging ahead with that is what life should be about. It is so hard to stop worrying about other people and wondering if they accept you for what you are. If I have learnt anything over the last two years it is that the people that do are the ones you want around you. All of the others can get in the bin.

I enjoy what some people may consider as being a boring life, but I am happy in my home enjoying the quieter things in life. I enjoy trips away, baking flapjacks and walks in the countryside and I cannot tell you how much I am loving the fact that it is now Autumn and I can bring out all my knitwear! This to me is contentment and happiness.

If you feel like you are being judged for what you enjoy then move on from these people. You don’t need that kind of negativity in what is already a difficult enough ride!

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  1. Julie Snell says:

    I love this one, it made me cry. So true!

    I have been dying some silk material in natural dyes. One lot in flowers and one lot in berries then I am going to make book covers for Christmas presents, other half is putting spring bulbs in the garden and as you say we couldn’t be happier, just doing the simple things.

    Love you and love reading what you are thinking, keep up the great work.



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