Sleeping…why isn’t it easy!

One thing that I have continued to struggle with over the past year is the ability to fall asleep easily. I used to be great at it! I would get into bed and fall asleep within seconds. This isn’t the case any longer.

I lie awake for hours at a time trying to get to sleep. The weird thing about it is that people assume the reason I can’t sleep is because I am worrying about something. I’m not, I’m usually not consciously thinking about anything in particular. The only thing going round my head is the constant wonder of why I can’t sleep. It’s frustrating.

Sometimes I can lie there for hours trying to drop off, eventually falling asleep about 2 hours before my alarm goes off!

On the rare occasion there is something on my mind I tend to write it down, this gets it out of my head and allows me to relax a little knowing I can revisit it if needs be when I have had some rest. Getting things out of your head and on paper is a great tactic. It clears it out of your mind and allows you time to rest your head a little.

I really struggle with life when I am tired so I have been trying make sure I get enough sleep. The only thing that I have found works well for me is a night time herbal tea and avoiding TV and my phone before dropping off, if I settle in bed and start reading my phone or watching something then I inevitably end up staying awake half the night!

Find a good book and a nice relaxing tea to help unwind your mind and settle into a snooze. It’s just like anything else really, finding a small moment of you time before dropping off to sleep.

If all else fails I make up a story in my head and that tends to distract my focus and send me off to sleep!

Try not to stress if you can’t sleep, that will just make things worse unfortunately. Keep calm and chill yourself out before heading up to a cosy bedtime environment.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rach says:

    This is a big issue for me sometimes too. What herbal teas would you recommend Hun?


    1. Snore and peace is a good one 🙂 or a Horlicks! x


  2. Tina says:

    Magnesium is meant to help


  3. Hayles says:

    This is a problem for me too. If it’s been a tough day I usually stick to the rule of the three bs book bath and bed with fresh linen and like you have said avoid tv and the phone. If that doesn’t work my back up plan is to use guided mediation apps that focus my mind and relax it. Love the blog xx


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