Back to reality


Last week I was away on holiday, celebrating my birthday and all things outdoors so there wasn’t a weekly post!

It really is great for the soul. Spending time outside and enjoying the views and rolling hills. It makes me want to pack up and go and live on a farm! I know – the animals are much harder work when you have to look after them yourself but it is really lovely for a week long break! Throw in the family and a hot tub and you are on to a winner!

What is less than ideal is the sudden feeling of being back to the reality of life. Checking your emails before heading back to the office and having to face all of the normal tasks like washing and shopping. This can hit you really hard and be a difficult few days to get through. Once the routine is re-established it all falls back into place but there is an adjustment period for sure! I struggled a lot yesterday, arriving home on Friday night and settling back into being home was fine but yesterday was really hard. I felt like I had been hit by a bus and was utterly exhausted. I decided the only thing to do was duvet day. I watched a few films and rested up knowing that I needed to be back on form before the week kicked off tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong, I checked my emails and spoke to a few people about how the week had been whilst I was away but this gave me the head space I needed to hatch a plan and start to feel better about getting back to life!

So many of us are so quick to jump back to the day to day normality without having any kind of adjustment. The knot in your chest (that you have spent the week getting rid of) tightens back up and you become a highly coiled spring right from the get go. I can’t see how this is good for us! Its a common phase “I need a holiday to get over my holiday” you will hear it a lot over the summer season! I think this is just people trying to adjust too quickly!

Take time for yourself and make sure you are prepared for your return to the norm! Read through in advance if you find this helps and prep yourself for what is to come. Try not to worry about things as they haven’t been in your control over the time you have been away and you can usually fix anything thats not quite right fairly quickly!

Just before I left the cottage to head home last week my Dad said to me “Stop worrying, I have been doing this all my life and it hasn’t got me anywhere, it doesn’t change anything so just relax”. These are very wise words and ones I am going to try and stick to, as much as my crazy mind will let me, over the next few years of my life!



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  1. Rach says:

    Your Dad is a wise wise man 🙂


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