Not so Social Media

When I first started thinking about this blog I put together a list of things I wanted to write about. Just some general categories that I feel are important to tackle and talk about.

One of these categories was the perception of social media, I’ve noticed a lot more awareness about this over the past few months, lots of posts from celebrities talking about how what you see on social isn’t real life, how this is the best version a person and how it has usually taken hours to take and select the picture to post.

Where I think it is really important to know this about famous people and top celeb accounts, I think it is also important to think about your day to day friends and followers.

Where a lot of the time social media is great, connecting people from all over the world and keeping friends and family up to date with the events of life. I love seeing my god daughter grow up when I am a little too far away to see her everyday, keeping up to date with my friends and family across the world, sharing experiences with people going back years. It keeps you connected and part of each other’s lives.

However, I’ve often spoken to people about how fake Facebook and Instagram can be. People only ever show the best parts of a relationship, the pretty pictures of their children and the fun group pictures from a night out. Yes, you have the rants updates and long shouty status posts saying nothing in particular but encouraging 100’s of comments to check people are OK or see what has been going on. All of this information, never ending and constantly available is causing a lot of social anxiety and comparisons. Which is never a good thing!

In some cases one of the first things a person suffering will do is come off social media, lock it down and stop engaging with it. This gives them the space they need to focus on themselves and removes the fears of comparison. It’s really important to remember how what you see online often isn’t what’s behind the post itself. Why would you want to show people your actual “I woke up like this” face…we all know it takes a minute to sort that out!

Other times people will continue to post the odd selfie or picture from an event and you would have no idea there was anything wrong. Anyone that looks at my personal social feeds wouldn’t have any idea of what’s been happening over the last 12 months!

The other thing to remember with social is it isn’t always live! Ive spoken to people that have felt sad and left out because a picture has been posted and they weren’t invited to the occasion. This has made them feel sad and upset that a group of friends hasn’t included them. This is a horrible feeling and you start to feel paranoid and upset. It’s really hard to ask a person why you weren’t invited to something or why you weren’t included, a lot of the time it’s because people don’t think or realise.

Anyone that purposely leaves someone out isn’t the kind of friend you need in your life! Surround yourself with people you trust and care about, real friends and loving family should never make you feel paranoid or anxious. They look out for you and care about you and more importantly they are there in person which often means they can make you laugh, share an experience and give you a hug! We all know that’s the best kind socialising! Then you can share these moments on social knowing that the people you are sharing them with were there, or will enjoy looking at what you have been up to.

Don’t compare your life to another person, it is yours to make great and yours to experience!

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  1. Devongirlie says:

    This is a great blog, well written and from the heart. You are very brave. And blanket forts – pure genius!


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