Tough times…

I have had a pretty tough start to this week so I decided to put my thoughts down in a mini blog! 

Times like this are getting fewer now but when they come they still hit me just as hard. Yesterday was a tough day, zero sleep the night before and anxiety levels at an all time high! This meant one thing…BLANKET FORT!! I’m pretty sure most of life’s problems can be solved wrapped in a blanket. 

For those of you that are aware, I’m campaigning to make blanket fort days a thing. A day that you can have to yourself. You can snooze, binge watch TV, play computer games or build a blanket fort and hide from the day. 

I’m not sure why I have been feeling the way I have the past few days, as usual there is no rhyme or reason to it. All the none logically things have kicked in! The assumptions that because I don’t hear from people they are upset with me or they don’t care…not the case they don’t know or are busy! The feelings of comparison, panic around a lot of people and the general state of meh! It’s hard to balance out the need for assistance and help with the feeling of being a burden so it’s easier to claim to be ok and just keep your fingers crossed that people will guess! Madness ay! That’s never going to happen that’s why it really is so important to tell you’re trusted circle how you are feeling so they can help you. I find this the hardest bit, I feel like they are bored of it now and have probably had enough! This week I’ve had to pull on my crown and push through. Be strong and at least pretend to be ok even when I’m not. 

I’ve worked hard on trying to get through this over the last few days, I’ve forced myself to the gym to kick in those little dorphins and had multiple fights with my logic brain to apply sense to my cheeky emotions. It’s been hard work but I’m hoping I’ve come out the other side!! 

What I have realised is that is really is ok not to be ok all the time. Life has ups and downs, some more dramatic than others but when you add a bit of perspective and think things through you can pull a list of the important things and the other stuff seems less stressful, less of a priority and easier to manage. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina says:

    Healing is a slow process isn’t it. You are doing brilliantly and I’m sure writing this blog must be helpful. Thinking of you,


  2. I know this feeling well. And blanket fort day should totally be a thing.


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