It’s illogical Mr Spock! 

It’s a funny old thing the brain. Supposedly very clever, which I don’t deny, but sometimes it can be a little bit annoying and follow what it sees as being the easiest route. I’ve learnt over time that when I start to feel anxious this is my brain fighting with the easy route and causing a reaction. This is where the logic brain comes into its own. 

A lot of people don’t realise the difficultly some have engaging with their logic brain. It is something that some of us find really difficult. You end up either completely ignoring it, when times are really bad. Or fighting with it, this is where you need to be really strong. 

Others struggle to engage the emotional side of their brain and are too logical, this makes it difficult for them to understand why a person feels a certain way and they have to battle in the other direction. 

My experience has been the difficulty in engaging with the logic. 

There are many occasions when everyone would have felt that they were being irrational and just couldn’t snap out of it. During an arguement or a situation where strong emotions are involved for example. You often know you are being irrational but struggle to snap out of it. These kind of situations give an insight into how it feels to always have to battle between the two. 

The logic brain abandons us at the strangest of times. I’ve touched on it during fight or flight, that situation where you are stuck in the illogical and need to be snapped out of it. 

This little illogical chap also pops up at the strangest times. During some of my worst times my illogical friend caused some strong physical reactions. It’s strange to think that a thought can cause such a strong physical response but it does. Take eating as an example, during these times I had a strong physical reaction where I couldn’t actually put certain things near me to be able to eat them. I was scared of them and my illogical brain would be telling me all sorts of bad things that would happen if I did eat this thing.  

Now, feeling better I know that nothing bad is going to happen and I just have to fight with my logic brain to push through the feelings I have and when all else fails just stick to flapjacks and bagels! 

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