Exercise is actually good for you…who’d have thought! 

Anyone that has known me throughout my life will tell you that I was not friends with exercise. I would do whatever I could to get out of PE at school and never joined a team or became sporty! I did however nail both parents handwriting and signatures for the multiple notes I would need to sit out the weekly torture as a teenager! 

The only thing I ever enjoyed was swimming. I was good at swimming and that was impressive in itself! Helpful that I decided the only sport I actually enjoyed was one where you have to strip down to Lycra under garments and flash your flab to all the other people in the pool!

There are multiple reasons I struggle with sports. Confidence is definitely one of the them. The fear of turning up and being judged by other people in the gym or within the team, the fear of being crap and also the constant comparisons I would do between myself and the other people around me. “She’s thinner than me”, “you’re faster than me” etc etc 

Having spoken to a few people about this it turns out, I’m not the only one! Everyone is there for their own reasons and most of the time people that are part of a team are lovely and supportive people. 

In an attempt to fight the aforementioned flab I decided to take up running! It started slow and I built up and managed to take part in multiple 10K races and even completed 4 half marathons. Throughout this training I really started to focus on other things and used the time I was running to think things through and plan the days and weeks. I spent months waiting for my runners high (this never came) but I did feel a sense of achievement which pushed me along and for the first time I was really proud of myself. 

Accepting that you have done well and feeling proud of yourself is really important. It’s so easy to not feel good enough because someone else is always better than you. That really doesn’t mater, there will always be times in life that people are better at things than you, but there will also be times when you are at the top. Everyone has their thing and eventually, all being well everyone will find theirs. 

Running is not my thing! Swimming however, swimming is! I’m in no way the best swimmer in the world but it gives me a huge boost. It’s helps me clear my head, keeps me fit and helps to improve the trio of doom. 

  1. Tires me out which helps me sleep well improving my mood
  2. Makes me hungry which helps me eat 
  3. Gives me time to focus and clean my head which reduces my anxiety 

There is also a load of stuff about endorphins and health benefits but what do I know about them?!

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