Blanket forts and PJ’s!

Sometimes there is nothing for it but to put on your best PJ’s and build a blanket fort! They 100% are not just for kids. Bring in a carpet picnic and some wine and you have got yourself a very grown up den!

Everyone needs a safe place, somewhere to hide and feel relaxed. I am convinced that all adults need to digress into childhood sometimes, forget about the budget sheets, emails and timetables. Ignore the stresses of the world and take some time to just chill out and relax.

What better way to do that than to build a blanket fort and hide away. If you get it right its hammering with rain outside and you have just found an epic new series on Netflix to keep you entertained for hours. Blanket forting should definitely be a ‘thing’ – phone in to work and take a ‘blanket fort day’. I know they let you have a personal day in the US – this should be the same thing! A day of chilling and hibernation – reset your batteries and take time to just be.

One of the things I realised on the start of my road to recovery was how long I had been unwell for. I didn’t notice it happening but looking back I hadn’t been right for years. I felt apathy towards pretty much everything. I just didn’t care. I would go where ever other people wanted to go and do what other people wanted to do, thats not to say that I didn’t enjoy these things but I wouldn’t plan anything or engage with anything beforehand.  I have had some amazing experiences over the last few years but I know that I spent a lot of time in my own head, worrying and feeling anxious about where I was, who was going, would they like me, what will I eat, what will I wear…this all led to me not engaging with where I was and not remembering half the things I have done.

By taking time out for yourself and releasing some of those stresses it puts you in a much better mind set to be present when you are in these situations. I know I am terrible when I am tired, I will retreat into my head and start to slip back into my own world – now I know when this is coming I take the time I need to reset and start again. 

Recovery is a bumpy road, it doesn’t happen over night and there are set backs along the way. Having the safety and comfort of a ‘blanket fort’ moment helps to keep me on track and moving forward!

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  1. Very proud Daddy says:

    I love it,very honest and when you send it off into the www it is easier to recover keep going.

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